Our goal is to find the “Right Property, at the Right Price” We do your walking and talking for you.

Founding and Managing Directors Jan Rohozinski and Di Thompson have a passion for helping people purchase Real Estate. We are both fully licensed Real Estate Professionals and have been in the industry for years. 

We do not sell Real Estate we only buy so we are truly independent and we are not paid by Agents or Developers so there is no conflict of interest.  That means we can devote our time to your best interests.  We only represent buyers not sellers. 

All this means that we can save you time, give you access to a wider range of properties and save you thousands of dollars.   

Why choose Ezy Property Invest?

We are licensed Real Estate Professionals – We know the market.

We Save you Time – No more wasting weekends driving around or hours on the Internet.

We save you money – We can save you thousands of dollars off your purchase price.

Risk -  We can help you from making potentially very costly mistakes .

We only represent buyers not sellers.

EZY on your time .. EZY on your stress.. EZY on your money..

“We do your walking and Talking”

“ We only represent Buyers not Sellers”

EZY on your time…EZY on your pocket…….EZY on your stress…..

 (can’t get better than that) 

Frequently asked Questions?

Is EPI Independent?

We only represent the Buyer and do not sell properties. We are not paid commissions from Real Estate Agents / Developers.  Our purpose is to find the best property for the best price.

How can EPI help me find my property?

We research and physically do inspections on short listed properties. We do a Current market analysis on the property to better determine the right price.  We also work with agents who alert us to suitable properties on the market.

How can EPI Get me the Best Price?

We are both fully licensed Real Estate professionals and have excellent negotiation skills and knowledge of the market which enables us to get the best price possible.  Saving you thousands of dollars.

How can EPI negotiate a better deal than I can?

Most buyers pay up to 10% more than they need to pay and many miss out on properties due to them not having enough knowledge and time to research the property thoroughly.  Therefore they are not very confident in negotiating and making the offer. We have the time and access to the data to research the property thats why you benefit from our experience and knowledge to do the best deal.

What if I have already found a property that I like Can EPI help me?

Yes.  We can use our expert negotiation skills of the property you wish to purchase and negotiate the price and conditions on your behalf.   We are also able to organise any Due diligence that needs to be done.

• Buying property for Self Managed Super funds (We Understand the process)

• Buying Residential Investment Properties

• Buying at Auctions

• Helping Clients buy for the right price and time

• Taking away the frustrations of buying

• Taking away the stress of having to deal with Agents